3B T-shirt drying and not using silicones or sulfates.. does it take time to work?

Hiya please help me!!! I've hated my curls for years, but not because I hate curls, because I hate mine. I'm 18 and I hate seeing how much moisture and structure there seems to be in everyone's hair but mine. I have never been through that straighten all the time phase that everyone else seems to have done, however I swam for quite a long time to a high level so my hair may still be recovering from chlorine damage.Anyway, I think I'm a 3B hair type. After advice from a friend, I discovered "plopping" (sticking my hair in a t-shirt to dry) and the banning of sulphates and silicones from my hair products. I now wash my hair every night before I go to bed with Wilko's own conditioner, and I don't shampoo. Then I stick it in a t-shirt and sleep on it. When I take my hair out the t-shirt the next morning it is lovely and soft but this seriously doesn't last long and I get frizz as per usual.Does this new hair routine take time until I see the results?  

1 Answer

Washing with a conditioner can be good so as not to strip moisture from your hair between actual cleansing. It is recommended that you shampoo (sulfate free) periodically. Also, would be great if you can skip nights. In order to do that, you will need to find some products that give a little hold and a little moisture. Some popular ones to try are Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, SM Cocunut & Hibiscus Mousse, Deva Curl Light Defining Gel.  But since you swam for so long, I'd start with a deep conditioner or mask. Something as simple as a Hask Keratin protein mask or more deep like the Aphogee protein treatment to get you hair up to speed moisture -wise. Then DC every two weeks or more. A leave in Conditioner like Kinky Curly Knot Today is great and then seal it with a light oil or cream. The LOC method might be helpful for keeping moisture in your hair and reducing frizz. A dry cotton T-shirt against your hair for so many hours might be absorbing more moisture than you need it to. Could you Plop for less time, air dry or diffuse and then pineapple your hair and sleep on a satin pillowcase? Just some ideas. Hope it helps. :)