3C / 4A Hair = Frizzball? Why?

Hi there CG community!Question - I have fine low porosity, high density 3C / 4A hair. I did my big chop back in 2014, but have only been growing out my hair from a buzzcut for the last 6 months. Taking care of it is a whole new ball game to me. I've been really attempting to do my research and buy all the right products, but to get a soft + defined wash n go is IMPOSSIBLE. Wash day is always crunchy and dry. 2nd day is puffy with NO definition - no matter what type of refreshers I'm usingI have tried co-washing and shampooing. I always deep condition (once a week) and I do leave-in conditioner before gel/styling cream. I only use CG friendly products.The only time my curls have ever come out great was at a devacut from about 3 months ago using the decadence line. This stuff is way out of my pricepoint.I will post a photo of the great Deva hair wash-n-go week, and the average 2nd day hair.Someone please help! I feel like I'm doing something terribly wrong.

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