How can you keep 3c curls looking moisturized, and not frizzy, as the day goes on?

3 Answers

Use products that helps to control frizz. 
After you're done w/ washing your hair, you can use any variation of the L.O.C. Method. It's Leave-In Conditoner, Oil, Cream (or w/e styler you have, even gel). So Cream, Custard/Pudding, Gel or Jelly would be the last application in the L.O.C. Method. I hth! :) 
One of my favorite combinations to control the frizz, keep the shine and not make your hair feel crunchy or dry is to put the Macadamia Professional Taming Curl Cream on wet from scalp through ends. Comb through and then "push / shape" your curls into place. Then right over top spray the Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Oil Spray. It's a combination of Macadamia and Argan Oils. It is amazing in how absorbs to heal and repair from the inside out. Keep it with you and throughout the day and if the frizzies sneak up on you, give your hair a light mist.It's perfect on dry hair for just that.