3C here. Hair to butt. Always very dry, like straw, prickly, and frizzy.

I have 3C hair down to my butt.  My hair has always been as dry as a desert, but lately, seems worse.  Also, lately, after shampooing, my hair becomes "puffy", meaning that it spreads apart into these "puffs" of frizz, and my hair feels light as air.  Like any other naturally curly lady, I fight with my hair in the shower, trying to detangle.  Bought a shampoo brush that I use with conditioner in my hair, but it's still a battle.What I need help with is another 3C (or higher) lady who has a grip on her hair, to let me know what the best products are for a) hair that's drier than the Sahara; b)  tangles super easily and I need a lot of slip to help get the tangles out; and, c)  the frizz.  As I said above, my hair is crunchy, like straw, and as prickly as straw, too.  It feels horrible on my skin.  I just completely drenched my hair with olive oil, and it got absorbed pretty fast and left me with the same old dry, crunchy hair.  Right before that, I used Coconut milk serum/oil, and I drenched my hair with that, too, with the same crunchy, prickly results.  One thing that my hair definitely does NOT like is protein.  Protein is a surefire way to get a head full of frizz.I don't use any heat on my hair at all.  It's wash and wear only.  I haven't used heat on my hair in probably 4 years or more.Shampoo?  Conditioner?  Deep condition/mask?  Leave-in?  Some sort of oil?  Some sort of final spray?

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Hopefully you can get some 3c's to answer you as well, but here's what I know. All curly hair needs moisture!! The trick is finding how to get it without sabotaging yourself.1)If you are protein sensitive it will make your hair hard, crunchy and very matted feeling in the shower even when it has a rich product on it. I literally felt like a matted mess with a Shea Moisture mask on my hair that many might have thought was too heavy for my hair type! 2)If that is your situation then you need to avoid coconut products in the shower as well because they mimic protein! Long hair Aaron on Youtube has a video on this that was very helpful for me. Also, most of the sulfate free shampoos use coconut based cleansing agents of some kind so this can get tricky!! Here is a short list: Cocamidopropyl betaineCoco betaineCocoamphoacetateCocoamphodipropionateDisodium cocoamphodiacetateDisodium cocoamphodipropionateSodium cocoyl isethionateI can tolerate coconut ingredients in styling products alright if it is not one of the first 4 ingredients and it's not the only moisturizing ingredient. 3) Make sure you are using sulfate and sulfonate free shampoo as they are very drying. 4) Avoid silicones (words ending in -cone, -xane, -conol) because they will coat your hair and keep moisture out! I would think about doing a pre-poo (coating ends with conditioner or an oil that your hair likes, then washing. Co-washing is another option (washing with a conditioner). Tresemme Naturals Conditioner is worth a try it's a richer formula. And then wearing a protective style while you sleep on a satin pillow case can keep your hair from getting roughed up too much and the moisture absorbed out of it. I bet your hair is amazing with just the right tweaks! Really hope something in here can help you! Don't give up! Just listen to what you hair likes as you try new things, and you will start to zero in on your best products!Oh and ....Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in Conditioner/Detangler is a must try! A little goes a long way so it will last you longer than you might think. Cheers to your curls!! :D