My 3c/4a hair is completely frizzy with no definition when wet, and always frizzy, why?

HiI have 3c/ 4a hair an I have been CG for almost a year. I co-wash,  deep condition with heat and style my hair once a week, faithfully. My hair is always, I mean always, frizzy. So frizzy that even after styling it with loads of gel to tame the frizz, the very next day it is frizzy all over again, as if I never used all that gel the day before and on top of all the gel I put on the previous day I have to load it with more gel every day until wash day. When I style I use the LCO method. Then when I wet my hair, it is so frizzy when wet. I see girls who wet their hair and their curls looks so defined but when my hair is wet there is barely any definition and massive frizz, when soaking wet :(. I don't understand. I thought it might have been build up but I clarified my hair last week and same frizz. This is becoming very very frustrating and I hate having to use so much gel everyday. My hair is low porosity and I stick to shea moisture coconut and hibiscus line for my whole regimen. Can anyone please help me figure out the problem? :(  Also even after a protein treatment, same frizz. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hmm, are you sure you are a type 3c/4a then? Do you have a picture of your hair, maybe that will help :)Make sure your gel doesn't contain any drying alcohols. You said you do use the lco method, what does it look like the first day? You could try to add a little bit leave in conditioner with wet hands on your hair on the 2nd/3rd/etc day before you add the gel. Now this will not work with every combination of gels and leave ins because some combinations could lead into white clumbs of conditioner. I use the SM coconut and hibiscus line as well and I always add a little bit of the smoothie (or another brand, as long as it works) on my 2nd hairday. After that I layer it up with some gel from l'oreal (zero line).
Hey frizzycurly! It sounds like you may not have natural curl definition, and that is fine. Your hair is still healthy. Check out these articles:7 Reasons You Can't Figure Out Your Curl PatternTop 10 Wash and Go Tutorials for Type 4 HairHow to Tame Frizzy Hair, According to ScienceMy Hair Doesn't Curl...And I'm Still Beautiful
Do you have a photo? If you're type 4 you probably just have a lot of frizz and that's normal. I'm not sure if what you are seeing is normal, so I need to see you hair. Most 4s have lots of frizz and embrace it. It makes your hair look bigger. :) But maybe that's not your case, so send me a photo. 
Thanks for the responses. I have more 3c hair, than 4a. I am not washing my hair until tomorrow night, Friday night, so I won't be able to send pictures until tomorrow, however @Sherryx on day 1 my curls are nice and defined, every day after that frizz. Until I am able to get the picture of my hair wet and frizzy and my hair defined by gel tomorrow, my curl pattern is he same as Christina's from