4 year old has super dry and frizzy hair and takes swim lessons. Daily moisture?

her hair is getting longer and harder to tame. She takes swim classes 2 days a week and although she wears a swim cap, it doesn't stop her hair from getting wet. Her hair is literally the most dry, most frizzy hair I have ever seen. What can I do to keep her hair moisturized daily to avoid this big frizz?

2 Answers

swimming in a pool with chlorine will cause dryness leaving hair harsh and brittle, make it easy to break . So I suggest to have her get a deep-conditioner treatment once a week because her hair needs moisture and memorials to bring hair back to its normal PH . A daily moisturiser that i use is coconut oil and shea butter moisturiser gel and it doesn't way my hair down ... hope this tip helps . 
What is your current regimen? Which products are you using? Does she ever wear plaits? Wearing her hair loose can definitely be a cause of dryness.