How can you add an antihumectant into your regimen for summer? Wet? Dry? Over/under what products?

So my fall/winter routine is cowash(sometimes), rinse most conditioner out (devacurl one condition), apply a leave in (often one condition or styling cream), seal it all in with a nice firm hold gel that will air dry into a cast, shake out and go. (I'm working on substituting these expensive products for cheaper options but its hard to let go of the first products to ever work on your hair). My curls are absorbing too much moisture in the summer's humidity and becoming unmanageable. My normal gels aren't holding (devacurl Ultra defining gel is occasionally successful if I use a bunch) and my hair is drying to be very soft to the touch but fluffy/frizzy instead of forming a cast that I can shake out. I want to try an anti humectant as they sound like they would stop the outside moisture from invading my hair and stealing my definition but I have no idea where I should insert it into my styling routine. After conditioning? On naked hair? Before or after leave in or gel? Wet or dry hair? Help!I have fine 3B low porosity medium density hair.

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