AVEDA anti-humectant

Hi to all! I just noticed that my AVEDA anti-humectant lists Phenyl Trimethicone as one of its ingredients, and the product is listed on the naturallycurly website as one of the recommended product. That's very confusing...I thought all -cones are supposed to be avoided? Or am I mistaken? Can someone please help me out what to do if going CG-method! 

1 Answer

The site actually isn't all about the Curly Girl method just curly hair in general, they recommend lots of products that don't fit with it. I've also noticed that a few of the lists of CG friendly products are sulfate free, but contain silicones. Always check ingredients! For CG method the only silicones that should be used are Dimethicone Copolyol or PEG-Dimethicone (or any other -cone with a PEG in front of it as this means it is water soluble)