What is the best meathod for "taming the poof"?

I am very new to this website and hope it can be helpful. I am 16 years old now and still have not found the best way to control the frizz. I like my hair more when it's wet, but the moment it's dry it frizzes up. I have heard that brushing your hair makes it healthier, but when I do so I end up with a full-blown lion's mane (not exaggerating). I've been trying the no brush meathod because it makes my curls look so great and bouncy, but often tangled. I've tried combing too but that's just makes it frizz out quite a bit, forcing me to give up and hide my hair in a pony tail. I am thinking of just continueing on the whole only using my fingers to comb out my hair as best I can. But my hair frizzes still when completely dry and curls up even more. I've tried applying a ton of mousse into it but it just leaves my hair crispy. Any experienced people able to help? 

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