Best product for uncontrollable frizz and shape!!

hi! I am almost literally crying for help! I have crazy 3A/B hair, for starters most of the time I have uncontrollable frizz which makes my hair look like a mane, secondly I feel like the frizz completely miss shapes my hair, it doesn't look like anything really, I feel like my curls aren't defined, they don't keep and simply make me either angry or completely embarrassed to have something like this on my head! I really need some good products and techniques for controlling my hair, I can't stand it any longer! Maybe some suggestions in who to go to or what I should aim for when getting it cut3A-3B hair, an inch or two below my shoulders (I've been growing it for years!)Some products I've tried but have yet to be successful: Frizz Ease, Curl friends (using atm, it's alright I guess), Aunt Jackies, Sister Twister and probably a whole lot more!Also, one more thing, I have auburn hair, and would love to have a dip dye, but I feel simply wouldn't be able to pull it off because of the frizz, I think it would make it look worse as it's just frizz and doesn't hold shape! (The picture below on on a pretty bad day, it's just a load of fluff!!)

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