CG for 1.5 years and hair still frizzy!!!!

Hi all,I have been CG for 1.5 years now, tried various products, LCO, LOC methods, everything I can possibly find on google. I deep condition my hair often, I wash my hair (I use Suave naturals coconut conditioner) and shea moisture raw shea butter conditioner. Even when I rinse out conditioner with cold water, I can already see frizz form. Then, I teeshirt dry my hair, and apply coconut oil, following which I apply shea moisture curling milk and then lastly curl enhancing smoothie. However, at the end of all this, my ends are ALWAYS dry. No matter how much condtioner/oil I add on my hair, its always dry. I have tried adding the products when its sopping wet (making the squishy sound) , and when its gradually drying. I sleep on a satin pillowcase, wear a satin cap, pineapple. I dunno what more to do, why do I have so much frizz!!!! :( :( I don't heat style my hair or be harsh with it, why is this happening! I will appreciate any helpP.S : I have 2 B hair.

2 Answers

If you have that many rich emollient products going onto your 2b hair, I suspect that you may have some protein overload or sensitivity. Many of those products have coconut oil in them and it can mimic protein causing sensitive or overloaded hair to feel crunchy, hard, dry or matted. I had to return the Suave Coconut and the Shea Mositure Raw Shea masque because they both made my hair feel so dry! If I continued to deep condition with that often I can't imagine what my hair would feel like! I recommend using V05 to co-wash and Tresemme Naturals for your rinse out. Since you are in a high humidity area I would also avoid glycerin to help control frizz! I like Kinky Curly either their Knot Today or Curling Custard followed by LA Looks gel. It is the only gel and  combo for me so far that controls frizz and still holds my curl after I Scrunch out the crunch. I've been keeping a little note book since I started CG so I could figure out the best product combos/ layering order, etc for my hair. Along the way I had to eliminate glycerin for the summer. Let us know how it goes! I'd love to hear an update! Best! :D
Hi! Thanks for the quick response. I'm trying to use as many natural products .. hence shea moisture products.. oh btw I live San Francisco, indiangal living in SF, humidity is low here:)Ive been hearing rave reviews about Kinky Curly Knot today since I started my hair journey.. looks like I will try that after all.. So my hair is quite frizzy the day of wash.. second day hair is terrible.. its super frizzy and a lot of my curls fall out and form a ball of frizz (this is typically the hair closest to my neck on the back of my head. That hair is so coarse and so dry even those I religiously apply oil to it.. since you mentioned about protein overload, I've switched to avocado oil.. fingers crossed..