How often to put coconut oil in curly frizzy dry hair? I

my hair is naturally curly and Brown with blonde highlights, quiet dry and frizzy and short annoyingly won't grow short so on here I found someone who told me to try coconut ofl nto my scalp to soften it and try get to grow. So I did and it was amazing but I wanna know how often do I put it in my hair. I did it on a Friday and on a Monday again and the morning after (after applying for an hour and washing out with shampoo and then conditioner and drying with a diffuser)  there was a frizz halo around my head and it was horrible so I want to know how often do I do it I know to leave it a week with 2 washers a week Thanks Sarah xoxo 

1 Answer

Here are two very informative and detailed posts about coconut oil and other oils. I think they will solve all your questions about it :).