How to control frizz around my face/top of head with my poofy 2a high porous hair

I just discovered my wavy hair about 4 months ago...learning how to style it. After drying it, I get root frizz at the top of my head, and many days (always in the humidity) my hair feels poofy and big with flyaways. It doesn't look smooth.My hair is colour-treated, average thickness and average/slightly coarse texture.Some of the frizzy hairs are short (regrowing and not long enough to lie flat yet) but I am wondering whether I should be using some sort of product after my hair is dry to set my hair more smoothly.My hair doesn't seem dried out... I use cleansing conditioner most days, and shampoo with sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner once a week. I also put argan oil on the mid/ends when wet, and use a light wavy Deva Curl mousse. My hair feels soft but it isn't smooth.(For years -- I'm 38 -- I always straightened my hair because I thought it was straight. It always dried poofy after air drying or blow drying so I straightened it to smooth it, always with a heat protectant.)My hair is now about two inches longer than in the photo. Not sure why it's rotated, sorry.

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