Curl defining really really dry 3b hair

Alright so I have really really thick hair and loads of it. I used to use styling products like Herbal Essence mousse and hairspray for years to control it, but I've been noticing my hair get dryer and frizzy. So recently (like two days) I decided to ditch the bad products (plus not using a towel to wrap my hair dry) and I'm trying to get my hair healthier. I've always used good shampoo/conditioner (John Masters Organics) and I'm now adding coconut oil + Shea Moisture Jamaican Castor Oil Treatment Masque before I wash my hair. Will this be enough to get my curls defined? Or give more moisture so its not as dry?I just started this new routine today. I can see my curls, but they're kind of like poofy and separated when it dries (which I plop and air dry now). Any suggestions for what to put in my hair after the shower to define my curl and control frizz so I can have my hair down? Or do I have to wait out my hair until its healthy?

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