Where are my curls?

2 days ago while I was on holiday in Spain my curls looked great when I washed, they stood out and was no frizz. I don't know what I did! Today my hair is frizzy and you can barely so the curls. I don't have any special conditioner or shampoo because I have never really bothered with it but I've had enough with my hair. I've heard lush's curly wurly shampoo is good ? Any help is much appreciated. The pic is what my hair goes like when I brush it after a shower with a wide toothed comb them wet again in sink.

2 Answers

Your hair is either 2a or 2b.It may show signs of both,but I recommend taking the curl quiz.http://hairtype.naturallycurly.com/
I think you are 2b but you have to get on a Curly Girl friendly hair care regimen if you want to see your curls pop to their best potential. You have to intentionally choose sulfate, silicone, mineral oil, sulfonate free products that work with your hair porosity (search for that on this site) and your climate. I promise it will work. I was mostly 2a-2b and now I am mostly 2b/2c with some 3a underneath with some stubborn 2a/b's still on my crown! My mom can't believe the pics I send her and how much curlier my hair looks now. You've got beautiful hair, with the right love it will love you back! Best of luck.