Curly dry long and frizzy hair needs help! 3B

Hello, I really need help with my hair and it would be awesome if someone could help me.So I'm 12 almost 13, I live in the Netherlands and I have really long, poofy, tangled, curly, dry, thick hair. So I never really used to care what I did with my hair, I just put shampoo in it, put it in a towel and when it was dry just braided it. So my friend that I know since I was 4 always tells me that I used to have such beautiful curly wavy hair. So when I was talking with my mom and all my aunt's we started talking about my hair and they told me that my hair is just really dry and needs toget back to the original state. This made me think and I searched up so much, I started putting masks in my hair, conditioned my hair with a mix of conditioner and olive oil, put styling creme in my hair and i recently bought gel for my baby hhairs and I'm gonna buy sulfate free shampoo. I have watched a lot of curly hair routines and I just loved how yheir hair came out, and I also tried it but after it's done and I let it out it gets really poofy.It looks like my hair has it's own will, so i was hoping that someone could help me. After that it's curly and wavy how do I keep it that way, that it doesn't frizz or gets poofy. So when I would wear my hair loose I would really like it if it doesn't get poofy especially now that school is coming up. So can someone help me with it? That would be awesome thank you :)

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Btw my hair is in a braid till my belly and when I shower it comes till my ass.