How to keep your curly hair in a cute non frizzy hair style while swimming every day.

I am going on a cruise and would like to swim everyday. My hair when wet is long curly but when I get out of the pool it starts to get poofy and I really don't want it to be tangled. I'm thinking to put it in two separate braids and after rinse the chlorine out and let it hang thought the day. Then at night time putting my hair up in a pineapple. The problem is the next day is it possible to re braid it in to braids without my hair being two poofy braids? Or is it a better way to keep my hair from tangling and becoing a Afro? Of should O get my hair braided overall? Thank you☺️Ps. I will be 15 years old 

1 Answer

I have 3b-c hair and I'm 13. I deal with the same thing in chlorine. before swimming:-saturate hair in water, and put conditioner in your hair. This helps so much and comb it. Leave it in.-twist your hair into a tight (but not tight that it hurts)bun or braid your hair tightly. Putting conditioner in your hair really helps and makes your hair sooooooo easy to deal with. It prevents a ton of tangles and prevents hair from being dry.After swimming:Immediately after swimming, rinse hair with water if you can. Wash your hair as normal.