How to keep your curly hair down and not puffy?

Hellooowww! Just to let you know, my hair is 2B from my head to my ears, then it gradually becomes 3B. I was never confortable with my hair, because as soon as it dries (after I was it) it POOFS OUT. I mean, it's not even 3B anymore, it's just nothing... You can't even see the curls they're just huge huge poofy waves (but really wavy waves, y'know?) with no shine at all. It's soft tho, but it looks TERRIBLE. My hair takes me 3 days to get it to stop poofing A LITTLE BIT. I wrap it around my head after I shower, and the next 2 days I tie it in a ponytail and wrap it (tightly) with anything I can find xd (all of that is left overnight)... Anyways, so I had my hair in ''the 3 day process'' look and I went to school. Last period, I had gym class. Unfortunately for me, it was (roll the drums...) SWIMMING MONTH, YAY (sarcasm, obviously) ! At the end, I came out of the water, changed, etc, and went in front of the mirror. My hair was wet, so you know it looks good. I got out, walked and got stopped at least five times. Everyone was looking at me, LIKE SERIOUSLY. I don't remember how many people came to me telling me "Wow, your hair looks gorgeous!" and "Oh my good, is this your natural hair? I love it so much!". It was like the world was upside down, because I HATE MY HAIR. Even this guy I like, he asked me to wear my hair like this the next day "Just for me, please!" and I was like... dafuq? "What do you find pretty in this?" I said... THEN HE SAID : "You." (smily face) OOOOOOOOH GOD. For the first time ever, I thank my hair for being the way it is. But then, he walked away, I walked away, and POOOOOOF. I'm sorry for explaining the whole story but I just love writing. You don't have to read it all. I'm going to stop because you're probably bored. But I am so into this... :( hahaha, anyways, any tips ? A lot of you probably have the exact same problem with the same type of hair. Btw, my hair has been bleached (lucky me, it's ginger instead of blonde. I have no idea how it happened. But really, I'm lucky because I LOOOVE GINGER/RED HAIR!) and dyed (only the ends). Oh yeah, I'm 13 so don't tell me to buy like these super expensive products because I probably won't have enough money x)...THANKS:)

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