Will Cutting My Hair Make it Less Frizzy?

I have pretty much tried everything to make my hair less frizzy. Oils. Gels. Cowashing. Sulfate and cone free. Plopping. Pre-pooing. Deep conditioners. Etc. I still have lots of frizz on my canopy layer and the whole right side of my head is pretty frizzy and undefined. I am so tried of my hair looking like crap, I know people must think I don't take care of my hair but I have put MONTHS into my hair. At some point it stopped improving. Yes, it's shinier and I have defined curls now (was a 2a before, now I  think I'm 2cish) but the top layer at least is terrible. My mom is always saying that my hair will look better if it's shorter. I do like having long hair but I hate how scraggly and poofy it gets. So should I cut it?

1 Answer

I would suggest cutting your hair because I recently cut my hair and it decreased the frizz so much! This may be because I had bleached ends, but I think you'll find your hair easier to manage and take to products so much better. I washed my hair for the first time today since getting my hair cut, and all the products that I thought my hair hated, all worked so well! Best of luck to you. :)