Throughout the day my hair gets so frizzy, dry, and weak and I'm not sure how to fix it!

Here's my problem- I leave in the morning with decent looking hair, its somewhat defined with only slight frizz. During the day though my hair gets so frizzy and dry you can barely make out a lot of the curls, plus it feels so weak and limp! Even when I try to apply more water to my hair, it doesn't seem to do much unless I constantly do it throughout the day, which I don't have time for during school. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or how to fix it. I have been trying to get healthy hair and I'm not sure how to do that anymore!Here's my routine- I shower at night because I don't have time to let my hair air-dry in the morning. I shower using sulfate free shea-moisture shampoo and conditioner. I shower every other day, I've tried to do less than that but I'm a teenage who tries to work out about everyday so it's really hard. After the shower I apply some shea-moisture leave in conditioner, comb my hair, starting at the ends and working my way up, and then I apply a little bit more leave in by scrunching it in. I then use a cotton t-shirt and plop my hair for 5-10ish minutes. Afterwards, I let my hair air dry until I go to bed, sometimes my hair is still a little damp and other times it is dry. I put it up in a loose bun (pineapple) while I sleep. When I wake up I take the bun out and use a spray bottle to put water and then use a little leave-in conditioner by squeezing my hair with it. I also try to use a sheamositure strengthening deep conditioner once a week.I'm not exactly sure what hair type my hair is, but I think it is 2a or 2b. I have always worn my hair as it naturally is, never dyed it or done anything insanely bad to it like that. I did use to blow dry without any protection but even back then my hair wasn't looking very good already. It seems around the end of elementary school my hair was all of a sudden dry all the time and since then I have been constantly trying new things to fix it, but nothing has made much of a difference. I have tried all different types of routines and products but nothing has made much of a difference. All I have been able to do is make it look better right after I refresh it in the morning but after an hour or so its limp and dry. Any helpful tips would be much appreciated since I have been trying so long to fix it! I love my curly hair and would love to get it healthy! Thanks much!

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