Why does my 4a hair turn to 4b after washing it?

When I get out of the shower, my 4a hair is very defined, but every time after my hair dries it turns into a frizzy dry 4b afro. I use cantu leave-in after I get out of the shower, and usually I do a twist out with shea moisture and my hair does get smooth. However, for the past week my hair has been dry, no matter how much leave-in I put in it. Could it be how the weather is changing? Products I'm using? Oil I'm using (tea tree)? And how do I get a defined look if my hair keeps frizzing up like this?

3 Answers

Search it on naturally curly
shrinkage!!! It's a pain in the but
This is because your hair is actually 4b. Everyone's hair elongates when it is wet. How are you drying your hair?