How does one curly girl handle 2 types of curls?

Hi there,I've been eyeing this place for a long time and finally decided to join!! :) Glad to be here. :)Question... My hair has 2 different types of curls. The under layers are more spirally, like a 3b, and my top layers gives me such a hard time, since it's more of a frizzy 3a. I wish my top layer would act like the spirals underneath, and I find I have a hard time finding products that will work with both textures and make it all come together nicely.  I want more clumping on the top layer, and lots of volume throughout.  I use Giovanni Direct leave-In which I adore... but I've yet to find my holy grail frizz control styling product that will clump my top curls better and maintain my overall volume (I love my hair big!)  Any suggestions?

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