why does my hair go so frizzy I go to bed with nice curly hair wake up and it horrible I then put it

when I have a shower I scrunch it while its what and get out and scruch it with a towel, go to bed with  nice freshlywased hair and wake up with it looking horrible I then usually put it in a ponytail for school then. Even when I have a shower in the morning and leave it down naturally it still ends up frizzy pealse help aslo can yuyou change your hair type im 2c and want it 3b xx

2 Answers

There are several reasons your hair could be getting frizzy at night.First, do you use a satin pillowcase? They have helped my hair a LOT. You can get very cheap ones on Amazon, just search "betty dain satin pillowcases".Next, a lot of curlies do a "pineapple" before they go to bed. It's basically just putting your hair into a high, loose ponytail. This helps maintain your curls for the next day. Some people prefer doing a bun. I recommend trying both to see which works best for you.Lastly, do you go to bed with wet hair? Often that can lead to frizzy hair. I like taking a shower in the afternoon/evening so my hair is dry by the time I go to bed.Hope I helped! :)
The suggestions above are good ones!Another thing that makes my hair frizzy is when I touch it too much while it's drying. When I mess with it, the curl pattern gets interrupted, and I end up with frizzy hair. I dry using old tee-shirts (a normal towel makes your hair frizzy) and I dry either by 'plopping' (you can find lots of video tutorials on that) or just by letting it loose and keeping a teeshirt on my shoulders underneath to catch the dripping water.Another factor can be using a harsh shampoo, shampooing too often, or shampooing too vigorously, which interrupts your curl pattern. I recommend SheaMoisture Moisture Rentention Shampoo, which cleans nicely but it very very gentle.