Why doesn't the front of my hair curl?

the front of my hair doesnty curl. It always looks frizzy and it doesn't look defined. I always have to wear the front part of my hair in a braid in order to make it look presentable and after I unbraid it it looks nice for a few hours and then it becomes a frizzy mess. Only the front and parts of the crown of my head.

2 Answers

I have the same problem, I try curl definers for the front of my head, it works for like 10 mins then it turns flat again, I wish I could help, sorry
Maybe try a protein treatment. I had the same problem because I would always brush the front of my hair back so that I could wear my hair in a ponytail/bun, but after a while my curls around my edges didn't come back and it was just frizzy.bI switched back in forth between protein treatments and deep conditioners, and avoided putting my hair in ponytails for a while and my curls eventually came back. Hope this helps!