Doing the Curly Girl Method for over a month, I am still getting frizz... How to get rid of frizz?

I was born with thick, corse, frizzy, unruly hair. The type of hair that looks like it constantly needs a brush to it. I hated my hair and still do to this day. After my hair became so dry it felt like hay I knew I needed to make a change. I was constantly using my blow drier, flat irons and tons of products in my hair which just build up in my hair and weighed it down but did nothing to contain the frizz or fluffiness. So my friend told me about the Curly Girl Method and showed me some before and after pictures of her success. I decided to give it a try. I watched some tutorials online and went out to our local Walmart and got some sulfate, silicon and alcohol free shampoo, conditioners and a few curl products. I purchased a brand called Cantu hair mainly bc it said plainly in the bottle that it does not contain any of those ingredients plus it had shea butter in it which I knew would be very moisturizing.  It smells great and leaves my hair soft and shiny. But I still can not eliminate the frizz. So thinking I am doing something wrong I order the CG book and been following the steps for my hair type which I assume is the s'wavy. I am still getting the frizz . I don't know if it is bc my hair was so badly damaged from years of flat iron abuse and pulling it back in a pony tail when I was done with trying to fix it or what but it could be hair breakage that is growing back in. I am not sure. But it is extremely annoying. Can anyone recommend something I can use to help that? Also I know the curly girl method highly suggest to do away with brushing the hair but my biggest thing is my hair looks like it needs brushing constantly so how can I get that fresh look without resorting back to my brush?

1 Answer

I think the reason why your hair is still frizzy is simple. In the first place, damaged hair doesn't go back to healthy, that's a lie. Once the hair is damaged, it just can't magically go back to life due to some miraculous product or method; that's a myth propaganda puts into our heads so we rush off to buy that 'ultimate hair restoring conditioner'. The only way is to have patience and let the new hair grow while you progressively cut the damaged parts off. What you can do is, while you wait for your hair to renew, use products that give it an appearance of healthy hair, but they won't do magic, you'll have to wait. Another thing is that you have to stop brushing. I know it's difficult, but it's the only way to make the best of your waves. Some 2 type hair, however, perform well with combing, so you could try that (always using a wide tooth comb) if you think it really needs to be detangled, but never brush it. And the last thing, you have curly hair. You will never get completely rid of frizz, it is part of our kind of hair. That doesn't mean it's not beautiful. Some type 3 or 4 hair are extremely frizzy and it looks gorgeous.