Dry,thin, 3A falling out and very frizzy

before picture is the one where I'm in a black n white dress. I cut my long curly hair back in May because it was getting in knots too much. It felt healthy for a bit and when it got colder it began falling out and getting very frizzy. Any techniques? My hair used to be easy: shower and air dry= amazing shapes curls. I haven't changed my routine.  Now, it's tangled and I can't put any volume in it. I'm excited to be part of this curly community! Didn't know this existed. :)

1 Answer

Hi Mimiherrera! Welcome. There are tons of tips and tricks you can try for more defined curls. It looks to me like you need a deep treatment. Are you deep conditioning regularly? If not, I recommend doing that weekly or every 2 weeks. Here are my favorite deep conditioners: DevaCurl Heaven in Hair: $24.95CurlJunkie Deep Fix Moisturizing Conditioner: $20MopTop Deep Conditioner : $34.05Ouidad Curl Recovery Melt Down Masque: $44.00They're expensive, but believe me they last! Definitely worth the money. Other than that, I would check out Nina Sultan's articles. She has your hair type and is full of easy, basic tips to get amazing 3a curls. Here's one for definition that will be of help: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/hairstyl...Hope this helps!