First day of CG method and frizz is taking over, HELP

Today is my first day of the CG method.  My hair is somewhere between 2a/2b and is coarse.  Conditioned my hair last night and wrapped in tshirt.  Removed tshirt let it air dry for a while but it wasn't dry before bed.  I woke up this morning and my hair has more curls, but on the crown where it is straight is soooo frizzy and I want to comb it down sooo bad.  Any advice?  Also, any articles or anything you might could point me to as I start this journey would be wonderful.  Thanks so much!

3 Answers

Hi there! It sounds like you're off to a good start. Depending on how damaged your hair is it will take a little time for you to see optimal results with the CG method. Have you picked up the book? I would definitely recommend the book if you don't have it already, but there are also lots of articles right here on and the message boards are helpful too for those who are just starting. I have a different curl pattern than you (3b) but for me it took about a month of CG before I really saw my best curls come out. In the meantime, try spritzing some water on the frizzy parts and *gently* smooth the frizz down with your hands... combing it will just make it worse. Good luck!
Hang in there! CG takes some time for your hair to get used to. The effects vary from person to person, but usually after about a month you will start to see results! 
Hi Bamagirl,Is that "bama" as in Alabama? I'm an Auburn girl, that's why I'm asking Lol! :)Anyway, you could try spritzing some water like klloydmajestic suggested and gently smoothing the frizz with a bit of conditioner on your hands. I suggest rewetting a bit as opposed to combing, not dripping wet, just damp enough for it to smooth down with a bit of conditioner or serum or oil or whatever you find that works for you to smooth frizz.I hope that helps some!