How to fix this frizzy/dead section?

i have this section where it's different than the rest, its not curly and its super frizzy/dead I don't know how to fix it

2 Answers

if it were me I would get my hair dresser to cut it off in a way that makes it unnoticeable that you have a chunk of hair missing. If it's dull and dead, you just need a new start
Just so you know, all hair is dead -- it's not a living tissue. It can be either healthy or damaged, but it's all dead. Is this section damaged? And is this a recent issue or has it been a problem for a long time?I'd start by clarifying my hair, then doing a deep conditioning treatment. If it's build-up or dryness causing the issue, that would fix it. If it's damaged, you might try clarifying, doing a protein treatment, and following with deep conditioner. I don't know how you feel about silicones, but if this section of hair is very rough from damage you can use a light coat of a coney-serum or conditioner to seal it and make it smoother.You mention frizz. This might be an indicator that this section of hair is curlier than the rest, in which case you would start by moisturizing, and avoid brushing when dry. My younger sister has 2a hair with a couple of 3a/b spirals in it, and they always looked damaged and frizzy until one day she just detangled with her fingers and let it dry without disrupting the curl.Hope this helps!