Hey, guys! My hair seems to be really frizzy! I live in SC, where it's always super duper humid, so I know that is what's causing it. However, I don't have a clue how to get my hair to be less frizzy. I have a 2c/3a curl pattern. Any help or advice would be loved. Thanks!

1 Answer

wel firstly how do you wash your hair? I find to reduce frizz is use a good pre-poo ( hope you use one) then mix shampoo with a little bit of conditioner and section wash which will reduce the tangles rinse, the apply your normal amount of conditioner to you hair and detangle gently using finger then put hair between too flat hands and 'flatten' hair from mid length to roots ( I think it's called prayer something) then using a good hair oil or leave in conditioner using the same 'prayer method'.