frizz always there

hi!heres my hair: high density, low porosity with maybe some medium, fine hairs front of face, coarse in back. 2b, past shoulder length.I'm so frusterated with my hair. I get defined waves (2B) but theres always frizz there to say hello on wash day. i tried a protein treatment masque once, and found i am protein sensitive. i tried using products with glycerine in them, and i get frizzy and dry hair. i feel pretty limited with those sensitivities for what i can try. i tried these things in both florida and wyoming, with no luck. i find deep conditioning my hair with jasons virgin coconut oil makes my hair pretty happy. i use eden bodyworks coconut curl cream, and it works pretty good in the winter, it does seem a little weighed down, but not terrible. shea moisture coconut smoothie has been good, but it is a bit heavy for me. i use shea moisture restorative shampoo, and their honey manuka conditioner.ive also used the gvp condish balm, and like the slip, but frizz still is there. i sometimes use curl junkie curl fix, but cowashing is something i do 1x a week, and maybe that cowash is too heavy. i like the kinky curly leave in conditioner, but not the spirl spritz which made it frizzy and dry. ive tried the ecostyler gel, and i just got frizzy. I do all the right things; satin cap, satin pillowcase, comb only w condish, gently blot with a tee shirt, etc. i actually find scrunching products on wet hair makes frizz, even when it is sopping wet.  so i tried rake, shake and pump, and i had frizz and weak waves. i have been diffusing on cool low heat since it is winter, still frizz! ive used some oils to refresh, gleau is the best; almond oil was too much. i tried loc in the shower with the oils and it was too much grease. ive tried gardiner clean finishing paste, and it looks good until i go outside, and then it feels waxy. i am at a loss ladies!!!!!!  I'm so tired of this frizz!! help! i also am an outdoor professional, so my hair is exposed to the elements a lot. i wear a winter hat, and tuck my hair in under a hat in the summer.

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