The frizz doesn't ever end!

So the top layer of hair basically gets bigger and frizzier every time I touch it. The bottom layer is starting to get frizzy as well. The ends (last like 2-3 inches) are super dry (but no split ends!). On the other hand, on days 3-4 of no washing, my hair looks better, still frizzy on top but better. I use a boar brush to distribute the oil(and a french braid when I sleep), and that's when it looks good. Unfortunately, the minute water touches my hair, i'm back to where I started. I'm beyond frustrated! Any tips? Advice? Suggestions??

1 Answer

When you wet your hair dry it with an old tshirt instead of a towel it will minimize frizz. Maybe try a curl defining cream over your leave in conditioner or a mousse and once you have your product distributed through your hair dont touch it at all untill its 100% dry then you can fluff/ maneuver it. Also make sure your deep conditioning every week.  Another trick is to leave a bit of your hair conditioner in dont rinse all of it out. For answers to questions, tips, and inspirationFollow me on [email protected]