Frizz from new growth or broken hair from box braids???

I did box braids/patra braids on the 2nd of July, and I massaged my scalp a bit yesterday, then I noticed a lot of short fraying hairs coming from my parts, i don't know if I naturally have so,e short hairs in my head, the parts are pretty big btw, or I massaged my scalp to the point where I broke my hair off. Some ends are tapered and some just look like an healthy end, not blunt, healthy. I don't know if I always had these or something I'm confused. Oh, and they're very fragile thin feeling kinda hairs. I'll attach a picture.

1 Answer

Not sure...some might be new growth or short hair that was too short to stay in the braids, some might be breakage from the braids. I think I had a lot of similar breakage when I used to braid with extensions. You may want to take them out, I know you just put them in but box braids with extensions, in my experience, can put a lot of stress and strain on hair. Regardless of whether its breakage or not, you have to decide whether its more important to keep your style and deal with any possible damage later or take care of your hair and possibly prevent further damage by taking them out now.On the other hand, you could just be seeing hair that you've always had, but never noticed until now. That's very likely also.I hope that helps!