Frizzy and dry roots

I just want to start off explaining how my hair is just in case it would help to clarify anything. It grows in like tight S waves and transitions into spirals. I do use heat occasionally, but my hair is mostly left curly. I'm 8 years relaxer free and trying to care for my natural curls. (chopped above the shoulder back in March 2015 & have only trimmed since then).Last year my hair was doing really well, my curls were lively and had very little frizz, but this year has been irritating! I've noticed that I have a lot of frizz just on my roots (from scalp to about 4 inches down) and my roots won't hold moisture. The rest of my hair holds water and product like crazy, but my roots don't absorb ANYTHING. Even when my hair is dripping wet, my roots are dry and puffy/frizzed. Not sure what to do to fix this??? I've tried deep conditioning with rinse out treatments and masks. I've used restorative leave-in conditioners. I recently bought a sulfate/pareben/silicone free light creme gel that, again, my mid to end hair loves, but nothing will control my root frizz. It feel like my roots alone have this force field and they just deflect everything. It's so frustrating!! Please help :(

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