Frizzy hair in a humid environment. Have tried several things, still can't fight it. Suggestions?

I live in San Antonio, Texas.  It is so humid here, it won't give my hair a break! I can't seem to get the frizz at the crown of my head, much less any other part of my hair, to stay down. I know it's the humidity, because my hair looked awesome when we visited Las Vegas recently. Plus, I'm trying to stay away from crispy crunchy hair. Any suggestions, especially from anyone who knows Texas weather??

2 Answers

Silicon based products may work for you, as the silicon seals the cuticle and keeps the humidity out. However, the silicon does build up on the hair, so you´ll have to use a cleanser regularly.
Hey! I live in Houston and I've faced the same problem, here are a few of my tips: - Make sure your hair is always properly moisturized, don't skip out on conditioner in the shower (apply some on your crown area but avoid over-doing it) and apply a leave in after the shower. The main cause of frizz because your hair is trying to reach for moisture in the air.- Your current routine may not be enough to keep your hair defined as the weather changes from low humidity to the hot sauna we all know and love. You may need to add in/take away certain products and apply them in a certain order. I personally apply leave in (As I am Leave in) , a styling creme (Andalou Naturals BB Hair Cream), Curl Keeper serum, and finally a hard hold gel  (LA Looks: Mega Mega is level 9 hold, Sport Gel is level 10) to keep my hair moisturized and defined in humidity. Despite the gel being hard, it doesn't dry super hard nor crunchy on me because of the order I apply my products in. - If you are going to wear your hair up in a pony like you are in your photo, mist the front of your hair down with some water till its damp (you may add conditioner the water if you'd like, it helps with reducing crunch), and smooth your hair back with gel. Keep an eye on it till it's dry, if you see any pieces popping up, wet the section down again and put more gel, sometimes I even put on a head band to force the baby hairs down. I touch up if needed throughout the day with more gel or a pomade.- If you get any crunch, roll the crunchy piece back and forth in between your fingers till the gel cast relaxes and/or scrunch out the crunch.-Helpful video linked down below. The blogpost she has linked in the description is also very helpful. Highly recommend Waterlily716's videos :).