Frizzy hair on top.... Lovely curls underneath..

I need help.. I have very thick 2c/3a hair. The problem is that the top 'layer' of hair is super frizzy and not really curly. Underneath though is awesome lose curls that love. I don't really know what to do with the top layer... I always end up clipping it back in a half up do... Would layers help? Or is there product I can use to make the top a little more curly? My hair is just coming back from years of damage..

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The top layer is most exposed to the sun and elements so it usually tends to be more damaged, I would suggest treating that hair differently to the hair underneath. For example, you can use curling cream or gel that has a little more hold just on the top layers. 

Thank you! Currently I am just trying to revive my hair after years of heat, colour, product build up..  I went ahead and got layers which really helped get rid of the bulk and split ends. I'm using curl junkie and I love it! Just trying to figure out the best routine.

I love your hair, it's so pretty! Do you use a leave in conditioner? I think most people have that halo of frizz, but I suggest adding a layer of leave-in on the top. You also might want to try curly hair solutions...I usually layer that on when frizz is really bad. Good luck!

Layers would probably work depending on your face shape. Try conditioning, scrunching, gel or mousse to define or try twist outs or Bantu knots over night. Good luck 

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