The front of my hair is only about 3 inches long from cutting. How can I care for my shorter hairs?

I'm 14 yrs old and me, my mom and sister are natural.I decided to go on an all-natural-hair-journey when I turned 14 (this year) but I have a few problems:I admit to not caring for my hair in my past years and now it is decidedly wild.I am either a 2c or a 3c. Still a little unsure because I am just currently beginning my 'natural hair journey' and my hair DOES NOT BEHAVE.When I was younger I stupidly cut (or trimmed) my hair by myself and the end result was: Jagged and uneven front hairs (currently about 3 inches long/tall) and the rest of my hair is not so bad, but definitely odd lengths. My hair is SUPER thick - two times or so the size of my head when in a fro, the strands are thin - less than a strand of thread (but not by VERY much), and they have a wavy 'S' pattern.It's been years since I cut my hair, but it still hasn't grown very much. Is there something I can use to improve my jagged edges, and to tame the rest of my hair??P.S. I am a DIY fan - so any home remedies or DIY hair products, would be greatly appreciated!Also: Styling tips???When I put my hair in... well any style than a delebirate twist out, my shorter front hairs slip out and ruin the styling. Also it's wild I say again.Thanks SO much. I'm tired of doing just "whatever" with my hair because of it wildness.

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the best way to ruin hair is the DIY method. sorry, but it is not something that should be attempted by just anyone who watched a youtube video. you should get your ends trimmed at least every 3 months to avoid very long split ends. curl friendly products will help you achieve the best results. you should also treat your hair with proper care and never straighten it! my blog is really helpful discussing more abut this and has helpful tips.