my hair becamed straigth on the top en curly under. what can i do to make al of it curly again?

flat/straigth on the top. super curly  under. much hair. medium long.

1 Answer

Hi Shadowcurls, It's very common to be curlier underneath, and looser on top. Most people have looser curls on top and curly hair underneath. However, if your hair is close to straight, and the two curl patterns are extremely different, it sounds like there's heat damage. Do you use heat tools? Flat iron? Blow dryers? Or any chemicals? Relaxers? If you are using any of the above things, you probably have damage which is causing straighter hair on top. You need to stop using any heat tools or chemicals, then try a protein treatment to get your curls back. My favorite treatment is Duosity Omni Potent Dual Whipped Treatment. It turns sad stringy hair into bouncy curls. Use that once a month, and then use a deep conditioner every week. I recommend Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! mask. It's gentle but has protein to help repair your hair. Do this while being very gentle with your hair and hopefully you see some improvement. Good luck!