My hair is out of control and gross?

i have really thick curly hair that is short and i hate so bad. I know i should embrace it but its hard to. Everytime that i style it i look like a puffballl. Literally. My hair is not texturized or anything but i want to texturize it so that it can stop being so unmanageable and gross. I cut my hair about two years ago to see if it would grow back healthy i thought that maybe i had to many split ends and that could be the problem so i did a big chop. Its still short and still super frizzy it did not change but it did grow. It has no definition at all. Its just frizz and dullness no shinyness what so ever. I tried moisturzing, deep conditioners,twist outs,braid outs,protein treatments. My hair still looks so terrible like a big puffball no definition just puffiness.So i been wearing weaves to hide it until i decided what i want to do with it. Good hair runs in my family, im of hispanice decent. My ends are also kind of thin. I dont know what to do please help. 

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