Why is my hair doing this and how do I manage it?!

it started after my hair was growing out after I dyed it for the first time in a year or two. I've dyed it before but never had this problem. How do I manage this? I just moved to South Korea so a curly specialist isn't really an option. Any homeopathic options? No breakage on the bottom, only on the top.

2 Answers

Your strands are tired. Lay low on over styling and coloring to help with breakage. As for frizz, try store bought hair gel, or make your own with flaxseed. use headbands to help keep it back. Let me know,                                        CurlyLeigh
You need to condition your hair with some protein treatments for a while, and let your hair grow out. Here's the perfect article recommending some protein treatments. Be careful not to over condition. I would stick to once a week.  In the mean time, try to keep your flyaways down with some curly custard or a good gel. My favorite is Design Essentials Curly Custard or Mop Top Custard. Just use that on the focus area. It's too thick for your entire hair.  Good luck!