My hair is so dry

my hair is so dry and have many split ends everywhere..i don't use heat or dye my hair..i also use deep conditioning and hair mask but don't see a difference i'm so depressed about it see the picture of one of my strands..plz help me!!☹️

1 Answer

Wavy hair is particularly prone to damage. I curl my hair 2-3 times a month and I also have a lot of damaged ends. Cutting out products with alcohol, silicone, and sulfate should help, because these products dry your hair. I recommend Sheamoisture, because it has natural ingredients that won't dry out your hair. Also, texture balm can help take a fluffy piece of hair and help it become less frizzy and more defined (I use Wen), and argan oil can help your hair be less frizzy and dry, while also helping protect it from the elements. Also, stop brushing your hair dry. Only brush your hair when you're in the shower and have conditioner in it with a wide tooth comb. Other things you can do to help eliminate damage (if you're really serious about it)1. Use a t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel2. Start looking into no-poo or low-poo methods. 3. Replace your cotton pillow sheets with satin, which will not cause hair damage when you move in your sleep. 4. Wear a scarf over your hair or a hat when you go into the sun to keep it from sun damage. 5. Wear your hair in a loose braid on a windy day to keep it from tangling. 6. Don't ever use rubber bands or hair ties with metal clips in them in your hair. They will pull and damage. Try to use cloth hair ties if possible. However, first I recommend getting a good hair cut. There is no way to mend split ends. All you can do is cut them off, and work to prevent split ends in the future. If your hair is extremely prone to damage, try to get a 1/4 off every month if you're growing it out, 1/2 inch a month if you're maintaining your length. Also, if you invest in a really good pair of hair shears that are sharp, you can get off split ends in your hair that you can see. I know this is a lot, but even implementing one or two of these types can help!!