The back part of my hair is always dry no matter what I do... What can I do to fix it?

The back is dry, frizzy, and undefined

2 Answers

What are you currently doing? I noticed that with my 3b hair, it would be dry ( specifically the nape) after I used shampoos with sulfates. I currently use a medicated sulfate shampoo for my dandruff and follow up with a non medicated sulfate free shampoo, then I deep condition with a natural product. Also, I pre-poo with a mix of coconut oil, Argan oil, JBCO, and tea tree oil. Keeps my dandruff at bay and makes my scalp feel so much better. Hopeople this helps.
same here, there is a dry lock of hair at the top of my scalp. I did some deepening treatments with a mask from coconut oil honey and coconut milk [i have posted the recipe], specifically targeting that area, and i found that it helped me. Keep in mind though that when its humid outside it will get frizzy nomatter what, but at least it wont be dry. Always test new products in a small area of your scalp, natural or chemical, because this dryness might also be an alergic reaction to one of the components of the products you are using