Hair frizzes upon any contact with water?

*apologies for the long post*Hi everyone! im a curly *guy and I have been a long time follower of this site, but only just joined today so hello! I live in Australia and i have either 2c or 3a or a mix of both im not 100% I dont have a current picture of curls but they form thick chalk sized ringlets often. My hair is I believe low to medium porosity but I am not 100%. Despite my taking beautiful care of my hair  and my hair being very soft with little to no breakage or split ends, I find that my hair ALWAYS frizzes on the surface where it is exposed to the air whilst drying, despite underneath the curls are perfect and frizz free. My routine/products is below:Tresseme botaniques as a rinse out/co-wash, ultra organics intense chamomile conditioner as a leave in, fruit of the earth aloe vera or taft mega styling gel and sealer, and coconut oil or olive oil or both as a leave in (overnight) once a week (washed out with the botanique's) I shampoo VERY infrequently and usually only use it on the scalp (body shop rainforrest moisture shampoo) however have recently shamoo'd all my hair.(note that most of those products contain glycerin) I have to plop with my hair flat and pressed down down on head (cotton t-shirt), if my hair is plopped any other way it will cause a lot of surface frizz on top of head and on the sides, despite the hair underneath being almost completely frizz free. Most of the frizz on top of head is shorter hair, which im presuming is new growth as I dont use ANY heat on my hair, and when my hair is tied up it is done loosely. However if i dont plop with hair flat, the sides get the same fuzzy frizz. If i spritz my hair with water, doesnt matter if they are perfectly formed and frizz free, they will frizz out. I have researched many times about this topic, I have a small number of other people decribing this issue however none of the ansewers have really helped. If anyone can help me understand this it would be fantastic, as plopping isnt always an option and is often time consuming as I usually leave it on for over an hour to achieve good results. Does anyone else get this issue of frizz after water contact? And does anyone know how to solve this or is my current method the only way? It would be nice to be able to have a shower, let my hair air dry and not have to plop for so long. 

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Here is a photo of my hair drying, i also often get these long hairs that dont curl at ALL and are very fluffy and light and dont bind/clump, they are often in the same areas as well, this is without plopping, with leave in in my hair no gel (gel reduces frizz but still not to a normal level). My hair curls up a lot more when fully dry btw. Thanks and sorry for the amount I've written just want to be thorough.