my hair is always frizzy

I just started wearing my hair curly 2 years ago. My story is kind of different from others due to the fact my hair was super curly as a toddler but as I became older it became more wavy/curly. Up until 2 years ago my hair was a always a giant poof because I did not know what to do so I brushed it. One day while i was complaining about my hair a girl told me just do not brush it. The next day my hair looked 10 times better but it was always still frizzy. 2 years later most of my head is nice 2c curls and waves but the beack section right behind my hair is always so frizzy! I have tried everything it seems and still its the same and I have no clue why! If anyone can help it would mean so much!!!

1 Answer

curl creme is the best for frizz! also try putting  a little gel in your hands and rub it together with water. Then slick it over our frizz. This is how I get keep mine contained.