My hair is too frizzy!!

ok so I'm starting to really hate my hair because I'd fizzing up too much and I have no idea why. Im doing everything I can to reduce frizz but nothing is working. I already use sulfate free shampoo, use a cotton the shirt to scrunch my hair, sleep in a pineapple and silk bonnet and use gel and leave in conditioner. I live in a country where there are absolutely no curly hair products like deva curl and shea moisture  (buying online is out of the question as shipping comes around €50) but i dont think theyre gonna help anyways. I do a deep condition every week and I have just started an olaplex treatment.  I can't have that much heat damage because I haven't straightned or diffused (I diffuse on cool but it makes my hair frizzy too) my hair in over a year. I either plop or air dry. Does anyone else have this problem? If anyone knows something I could do I would really appreciate it! ♡If it helps I have 3A/3B curls 

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