My hair gets frizzed up a lot what should I do? I love my hair but I hate that it frizzes up a lot!

3 Answers

explain your routine please! there could be numerous reasons as to why your hair frizzes, such as not conditioning enough, not using a t-shirt/microfiber to dry, not using the correct products for your type of hair  or not sealing your hair with oil are just to name a few.
My friend recommended me brushing my hair so I can control my frizz each morning because I have a birds nest when I wake up lol and a few hair masks but my hair still frizzes up in the back
are you sleeping with  satin cap or a satin pillowcase before bed? that could be  a cause of frizz because cotton pillowcases absorb moisture from our hair, also the friction cause frizz as well. you could be getting frizz from not conditioning enough. frizz is caused because you hair lacks moisture and curl hair is a sucker for moisture. maybe try a hydrating conditioner, or maybe a light oil or cream to style.