My hair gets frizzy the day after washing. Gels make it crunchy but I need definition. What do I do?


2 Answers

Hi KaylaC, A great trick for getting definition lies in that old sunburn remedy...Aloe Vera Gel. I use the grocery store stuff: Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel. I don't know what it is, but it really defines curls and it rinses out easily. It also provides moisture, so you might see less frizz! Also...some people might condemn my sometimes a good cream gel or gel with silicones will do the trick. Hear me out on this: silicones get a bad rap around here, but they're great for creating a barrier around your strands that do well to define and protect your hair from humidity. That means defined curls with no frizz. That doesn't sound all that bad. What's even better is curl definers with silicones in them will last longer, meaning you will have better second or third day hair. But...if you're highly against silicones, than I suggest trying Aloe Vera Gel. Good luck! 
I have 3b/c hair and my hair can get extremely poofed up, and the curls can lose their shape.What I do to keep the frizz away is I leave most of my conditoner in. the conditioner will coat the strand without weighing it down and will keep humidity out. I suggest a silicone free one( I use suave naturals conditioner). In the shower I'll put on my conditioner, Detangle and stuff, and at the end of my shower I'll put the water on cool, cup my hands under the water, and splash my hair with it a few times. It's called " trickle rinsing" or the "baptism method".I do the Curly Girl method and now I have virtually no frizz, so you should try it out, it really works! But it's not a must for frizz free curls. When your curls are hydrated( not just moisturized), your hair will be so much more frizz less and defined. Without the silicones and sulfates, my hair was able to retain moisture and be so much more defined and frizz free. Hope this helps