My hair lately has been really frizzy, and Ive been getting a lot of splint ends, what can i do ?

Hair has been really frizzy, a lot of split ends regardless of me cutting it two month ago. Also, certain parts, mainly the front part of my hair on top, tend to be the most frizzy, the ones that lack my curl pattern.

1 Answer

Hey there! I would first recommend you look back to your routine. Did you change anything? Stopped doing something? Do you deep condition enough? Maybe it's the weather that is making your hair that way! For split ends, cutting them is the only way. Deep condtion regularly and don't forget to focus on the ends and problem areas! Moisturise as much as possible. Maybe it's time to change something in your routine! Make sure you have satin or silk pillowcases and protect your hair while you sleep if you don't already such as putting your hair in a pineapple! Whenever you buy products make sure you read everything carefully and get oils for your hair if you haven't already! There are so many options! LOC method is great! Make sure you get a leave-in or a conditioner that is water based, meaning that the main ingredient is water! DevaCurl One Condtion is a good example, it's the one I have! I hope this helps even a little, good luck!!