My hair looks fine in the morning but gets dry&frizzy during the day, how can I quickly revive it ?

Normally, if I wake up and my hair looks undefined and flat then I will rinse it, style it, and diffuse it in the morning. It comes out really nice with defined waves and curls that have volume. Throughout my day, my hair gets flat, dry, and frizzy. How can I quickly revive it during the day? I put leave-in conditioner in but it only helps a little :(

1 Answer

Applying the leave-in is great. I think it frizzes because your hair is not sealed. I think if you do the LOC ( leave-in, oil, and cream) method and follow it with hair gel your hair wont frizz at all. So after you wash or co-wash your hair and rinse out the deep conditioner, add your leave-in, follow up with a little bit of coconut oil, then apply a curl enhancing cream and then hair gel. You are going to see a huge difference.