Hairline Struggle

A little background. My hair is looking like a 3b/c curl pattern, been growing it out for about six months now and I'm really loving the progress I'm seeing. My only issue is that I have a ton of hair and my hairline is not lacking for a single strand. I know this is a good problem, but the hair along my hairline is frizzy and the curls are super tight. The rest of my curls are looser, it's like two different sets of hair. Anytime I see pics of hair similar to mine it seems like the hairlines are not as out of control. Can anyone relate? Or any tips on how to tame and train this hairline to be less peach fuzzy and frizzy? My hairstylist had done my hair in the pic below, my hairline was crazy by day 3.

2 Answers

I have a similar problem.  My hair at the front is curlier.  You can stretch out the curls after washing (stretch it out and pin it back for a little) to make it more like the rest of your hair.  I normally just move the curlier ones to the front of my bangs,to make it look not as out of place
You could be experiencing the new growth that is tighter b/c it is less damaged from heat styling? And it would also be normal to have areas that are just tighter. I like the FlashingSpirits suggestion to stretch those areas w/ clips, etc when then are drying. Try using edge gel or seeing if a twist out would help make the textures more uniform.