My hairs texture is different

oOk so i have typ 3C curly hair. But why is the back of my hair so much softer and curly compared to the front lf my hair thats so much less softer, frizzy as hell and looks so dry even though it's not. Even my friends comment it and be like " omg your hair in the back is so soft" . Please help me what to do? Why is my hair like this? It wasnt like thks before my hair was soft and curly as in my back. I dont flat iron my hair and i have never permament it. Is it due to the cold? (I live in sweden) or what? I just got my split ends cut away. The back of my hair ends curls by it self (because i just cut it) but the front my hair ends dont curl they look more frizzy even though they feel soft and has no split ends.Please help me im going crazy!!Thanks!!!// Selam :)

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